Al Mahrah Youth Union Association

Al Mahrah Youth Union Association

The Mahra Youth Union Association(MYUA) was founded in July 2011. It practices a grass-roots strategy aimed at enabling the people of Yemen’s Mahra province to work for their own development. MYUA recognizes and draws upon the unique character of the people of Mahra, who have their own distinct language, culture and history.

MYUA’s over-arching aim is to encourage the young people of Mahra to work together to create a better and sustainable future for their region.

Our work involves the following:

  • Training Mahra youth in skills for employability in a civil society and developing their vocational abilities
  • Focusing on education as the prerequisite for building a civilized generation that meets the demands of the contemporary world and is able to build the future of Mahra
  • Instilling a sense of social awareness and responsibility in Mahra youth to combat all forms of smuggling and to develop a legal and honest sense of self