Education Workshop

March 2023

Education is vital for Yemen’s future after the war. On 9 March 2023, we ran a workshop in al-Ghayda to discuss teaching challenges and suggest simple solutions to improve efficiency, effectiveness and conditions.

Administrative Training

December 2022

We are proud to help raise the level of local government administration in our region. In December 2022, we ran a 3-day training course in Hawf in Mahra, east Yemen, on how to write administrative reports and letters. Thanks to the trainer, Ms Maha Ali.

School Graduation

July 2021

In 2013, this class in a rural desert area of Mahra had no formal teacher, no books, no pens, but a lot of enthusiasm. We found them a teacher for two years and then the Education Ministry took on the contract. Last month, they officially graduated secondary school!
In all, eight boys passed, after travelling all the way to the coastal capital to sit their final test. Congratulations!!