School Graduation

July 2021

In 2013, this class in a rural desert area of Mahra had no formal teacher, no books, no pens, but a lot of enthusiasm. We found them a teacher for two years and then the Education Ministry took on the contract. Last month, they officially graduated secondary school!
In all, eight boys passed, after travelling all the way to the coastal capital to sit their final test. Congratulations!!

New education initiative by Mahra Youth Unity Association

May 2016

As part of a new initiative by Mahra Youth Unity Association, the education programme ‘Me & Us’ is being run for the first time in Al-Mahra governorate. ‘Me & Us’ supplements the official curriculum and focuses on life skills, creativity, collaboration and good citizenship. Tailored to the local environment, its aim is to inspire and encourage both pupils and teachers.

Video of Mahra Congress Address

January 2014
Watch the video of Dr Elisabeth Kendall addressing the Cross-Tribal Congress in Mahra, giving them a summary of the survey results. (Note: this video is in Arabic with English subtitles.)

Al Mahra Majlis Election

December 2013
On 28 November a cross-tribal Mahra Majlis was elected in al-Ghayda to create a single voice for Mahra. 260 elected representatives from all over Mahra elected the 14-strong Majlis. This is an important step that will enable positive changes for the region.

Dr Elisabeth Kendall Visits Mahra

April 2013
Dr Elisabeth Kendall from Pembroke College, Oxford, has just returned from a field visit to Mahra. Dr Kendall was invited by the founders of MahraNGO to supervise the survey of public opinion. The first of its kind, the 32-question survey asked 2,000 Mahris about their needs and aspirations for the future. The results are currently being processed and will be available soon!