We want to encourage development projects that will create stability so that Mahra will be transformed from a Bedouin society with an uncertain future into a secure civil society with a shared sense of purpose.

Our hope is that through sustainable development, the Mahra region will have access to amenities for everyday living such as water, electricity, housing, roads and communications.

For this reason, two local non-governmental organizations have been established: The Mahra Youth Union Association (MYUA) and The Mahra Sustainable Development Association (MSDA). Both organizations are staffed by locals for locals. They recognize and value Mahra’s proud history and distinct identity.

Download the statement of the cross-tribal Mahra Council here:
14-01-09 Mahra Majlis Statement English

تحميل إعلان المجلس المهري من هنا
14-01-09 إعلان المجلس المهري